Our flagship product, EnergyBuilderTM is the result of 50+ man years of experience combined into one comprehensive solution that offers the best of both products; off-the-shelf ready to deploy solution or customizable end-to-end, including production management, storage, transportation, and sales.

The brainchild of our Founder, Tam Vu, EnergyBuilderTM is being adopted by major oil and gas players across 5 continents, in addition to small and mid-size firms. Strategically designed with a combination of IT, Production Expertise, and Engineering prowess, EnergyBuilderTM is the improved hydrocarbon accounting solution that is elevating standards of excellence for the rest of the industry.

Energy Builder Opeartion


Operations Management

Specifically designed to optimize operational production including metering, automation, and historian, whether it is multi-phase meter, virtual flow meter, field automation, simulation, or PI Historian Consulting.

Production Accounting

From wellhead to sale point, oversee all production activities via one centralized module designed specifically for asset value maximization.


The proprietary schedule optimizer efficiently manages inventory and cargo lifting schedules by balancing product availability, nomination, contractual obligations, and assessing all financial impacts.

LNG Production

Complete LNG Management and midstream transportation solution. Powerful integrated execution partnered with Business Process Template and Project Delivery systems.

GHG Reporting

Factor emissions from lead assets and visualize reports including emissions gas and CO2 equivalents. Define inventory boundaries and capture events, operating and import power data.

Data Visualization

Plot data and model surveillance/allocation networks and choke models online. Interface with Jasper Report and visualize or download data without any other software.

EnergyBuilder™ Components

Honeycomb Animation v1

Production Management

  • Maximize asset values by making strategic decisions empowered by intelligent information.

Field Operations

  • Record and report daily activities of the operation in one official standard publication.

Data Visualization

  • User focused Oil Field Digital experience with elaborate reporting capabilities, dynamic plotting tool, data view extraction and data export.


  • Boast the most flexible and dynamic allocation engine and network configuration available.

Forecast & Planning

  • Designed to assist the user with forecasting/planning production data. Calculate the forecast/plan data or manually upload information through the system.

Product Delivery

  • Manage the product’s transportation phase, sale, and contract. Including joint ventures, and revenue sharing agreements.

Greenhouse Gas

  • Calculate GHG emissions for Exploration, Production, Transportation, Storage, and Refining Activities.


  • Control access and permissions for each user by establishing restricted information levels.

System Configuration

  • Customize the platform to tailor to your specific needs, challenges, and assets.


  • Compatible with MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle.

GHG Emissions Features

Enjoy state of the art visualized reporting features designed to be in full compliance with EPA, API or GHG protocols. Calculations are carried out using both emission factors (EF) and mass balance calculations and the rapid implementation allows configuration for any stage of the process; including exploration, production, transportation, storage, and refining operations.

  • Emission Sourcing
  • Inventory boundary definition
  • Leased assets emissions factorization
  • Emission gas and CO2 equivalent calculations
  • GHG Target Management System
  • GHG Reports designed to maximize cost reduction strategies