Production Data Management System

Production Data Management System (PDMS)

The standard functions for a Production Data Management System (PDMS), at a very minimum, should manage and oversee all production operational activities from wellhead to sale point.  Regardless of the diversity found within your operation, the PDMS system chosen must be grounded on fundamentals, production operation best practices, and lessons learnt from legacy systems.

Let our PDMS team consult with you in order to develop a system that safely increases production volume and minimizes downtime:

Our expertise includes:

Key Production Processes

Well and Flow Stream Measurement

Well & Reservoir Allocation & Management

Deferment/Loss Management

Factors and Lab Data

Inventory Management

Exception Based Surveillance to Data Vizualization

Commercial and Compositional Allocation

Material Balance

Production Forecasting

Transport Nomination and Lifting Program

Measurement and Metering Experts

Automated Data Capture

Historical Data Migration

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