About eDataViz



To contrive products and services that are secure, reliable and safe for all stakeholders involved


Our most valuable asset, energetic and challenging, we make a measurable impact in all we do


Uncompromising respect for our work and our clients, achieved by adhering to high standards of ethics and confidentiality


Insatiable thirst for unrelenting improvement


Accountability for our actions in all phases and levels of our business

Smart Work

The vision to lead every aspect of software solutions essential for effective management of production operations


To provide effective, efficient, and market leading software and consulting expertise for
all clients requiring Hydrocarbon Accounting, PDMS, and GHG reporting services.

To be recognized as a sought-after Subject-Matter-Expert for HCA implementations and
assessments across industrial organizations.


To be the best production operations management solutions company by delivering
excellence and innovation via products and services that maximize asset values for our client.

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Tam Vu


Tam Vu is an oil and gas upstream expert. His illustrious 30+ year career has involved him in all stages of the oil and gas industry, including upstream and midstream for some major industry players. Mr. Vu’s talents and subject matter expertise is sought after for the implementation of hydrocarbon accounting systems on a worldwide scale, and some of his most impressive integrations can be found at many Fortune 500 companies.