Santos Case Study

Santos Case Study


Santos Indonesia operates 2 PSC in East Java with these producing assets: Oyong, Wortel, Peluang, and Maleo.  In 2017, the Sustainability Project established with the aim to improve profitability and to extend the economics of the field.  As part of the project scope, the demand for PDMS/HCA solution has been reviewed to contribute in lower down the going forward operational costs with objective were:

  • Modification of the current systems to adjust with the Sustainability project scope.
  • Replace the legacy system on time, within budget and meet the current functionalities.
  • Implement the production allocation and systems interface to regulatory system.
  • Minimal costs for the installation and going forward operational costs.
  • Historical Data Migration.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO), Data Exporter, Dashboard for trend visualization, Workflow, and Real time Process Flow Diagram.
  • Knowledge Transfer for the Santos Indonesia Information System Team and end users.
  • Provide 1 month post implementation warranty to ensure the PDMS functioned properly.

eDataViz’s approach

Through the tender process, eDataViz was nominated as the successful bidder with the lower costs proposed. With the tight timeline for the project to meet the FPSO Schedule release, eDataViz completed the implementation of Energy Builder and migration within budget and timeline, and addressed the challenges.


  • Challenge 1: Quick turnaround project to meet FPSO decommission date.
    • Our Solution: eDataViz and Santos staff closely collaborated both onsite and online almost daily to meet the go live date.
  • Challenge 2: SSO Requirement
    • Our solution: eDataViz researched and developed an SSO functionality within Energy Builder to meet the requirements.

With the complete software implementation, the features of Energy Builder provided Production Management, Allocation, Visualization and Reporting requirements. Additional features include:

  • Straightforward data migration and data export tools
  • Auditable data presentation
  • Data visualization tool includes dashboard, graphs, report, workflow, and product flow diagram
  • Optimization of resource usage and minimization of organizational disruptions
  • Effective communication and decision-making process
  • A structured framework for the project and business strategy


eDataViz successfully implemented the PDMS Solution for Santos Indonesia and deliver all the requirement as the commitment proposed, includes some adjustment as required by business end users which raised during the project implementation.

HINT and eDataViz Partnership

HINT and eDataViz Partnership

HINT-eDataViz Partnership
Press Release
By Deborah Long
January 23, 2018

Hint and eDataViz Positioned to Offer a New level of Complementary Technical Resources 


January 22, 2017. Houston, Texas.

Two heads are always better than one.  And the newly signed alliance between Hint Global Investments (HGI) Inc. and eDataViz LLC is a case in point. These two stellar tech companies have entered into a working agreement that could very well end up as a full-fledged joint venture and / or acquisition in the near future. Customers on each side of the deal will benefit from the combined expertise, technical resources and industry leading measurement/hydrocarbon accounting software, respectively, targeting upstream oil and gas, and beyond (into the realm of renewable energy, mineral mining, etc.).

Specifically, the flagship software of eDataViz, Energy Builder, delivers an intuitive, robust production management platform with multiple modules to help manage complex oil and gas producing assets—from wellhead to sale point.  eDataViz’s CEO, Tam Vu, recognized the market’s need for a simpler and more cost-effective production data management system (PDMS) and hydrocarbon accounting (HCA) solution. Thus, Energy Builder was developed to answer that need, with an open, scalable design to support the inevitable changes in global energy and regulatory trends. The innovative LNG and Greenhouse Gas reporting modules are particularly relevant for today’s business and environmental concerns.

This partnership multiples the automation possibilities for “smart” oil fields with field-tested, proven process control measurement software and HCA software, bundled together for ease of purchase and fast implementation via a single source. Hint’s AML (Analyzer Management & Laboratory) system and eDataViz’s Energy Builder complement each other nicely, enabling users to seamlessly manage more aspects of their field data than before, complete with high-resolution visualization in graphical format for at-a-glance viewing on screen or reporting to management and regulatory bodies. It’s a perfect match, according to Wout Last, CEO and founder of Hint, due to a shared dedication to delivering high-quality engineered solutions, continuous innovation and product improvement, as well as long-term technical support and training.

This powerful team is sure to launch many successful projects for existing and new customers. More information is available through their product brochures and corporate websites.

eDataViz e is a Houston-based software and services company that specializes in upstream production management, specifically hydrocarbon accounting and greenhouse gas reporting. The company’s Energy Builder software is the product of 50+ man-years of research and development, and was created by some of the world’s most experienced hydrocarbon accounting experts. In addition to Energy Builder, eDataViz also offers expert consulting services of upstream production. Visit the website at
HINT is the leader in AMADAS technology innovation. The expertise of their specialized consultants comes from vast experience working with end users and having also worked as engineers in the field of flow measurement. With early beginnings in The Netherlands, they now have partner companies in several Middle East countries, Russia and Nigeria, as well as an active presence and participation in Government-sponsored trade missions, such as Vietnam and Brazil. The recently expanded team in Houston, Texas has a goal of making more accurate measurement a reality for the oil and gas, petrochemical and potentially medical industries. Visit the website at